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3-Month Culinary Testimonial – Marie Gonzales-Molina

15-month Culinary Testimonial – Thaddeus Tham

15-Month Culinary Testimonial – Bertha Javier


I would like to thank Enderun for being part of their Junior Chefs summer course where I learned to prepare simple dishes Mac and Cheese, the classic Hamburger and a Flourless Chocolate Cake. I really had a wonderful experience learning from Chef See. His extraordinary take on the classic Mac and Cheese was the richest and most delicious I have ever tried and it had a nice hint of real black truffle. I let my family try the dish and they were really amazed at how delicious a Mac and Cheese could actually get. Aside from Mac and Cheese, I also know now how to make the juiciest and tastiest burger and flourless chocolate cake. I learned that with proper execution and even just a few ingredients, a simple dessert can become superb. Enderun is really a very beautiful school. Once again, thank you for this experience.

Kyle Imao, Junior Chefs last April 2013

I will miss Enderun very much!!!hope to see you next summer and thank you Teacher Rachelle for everything even Teacher Angelica and Ms. Monica thank you also we wanna see you again goodluck for everything please do best to others show them what you have done for us like helping like you do in summer and will be glad to see you again.

Patrishia Clanor, from the LITTLE Chefs

Exactly what I have been waiting for.

La Cruz , LEGO Robothinkerz Learning Center

Finally I was able to cook! The chef made it easy for us to learn.

Joanne Gomez, Culinary Foundation Course

I took this course because I love baking and I was super satisfied.

Iya de Claro, Junior Pastry and Baking

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