The Enderun Robotics Corporate Team Building


The Enderun Robotics Team Building Program is an innovative and effective way of improving employee performance, strengthening analytical reasoning, creative thinking, and uplifting corporate team spirit.

This unique concept goes beyond traditional team building activities. Robotics provides participants with the opportunity to design and build robots then test the results of their abstract design concepts through concrete, hands-on robotic manipulatives. For many teachers and educators, this requires a conceptual shift away from the idea of learning from technology, often found in traditional computer-assisted instruction, toward a viewpoint of learning with the technology.

Participants will not only focus on the challenge, but work together effectively to achieve a common goal.

How it Works:

Each program is customized as the client provides relevant background information such as company profile, team areas of improvement, and other special needs. Enderun’s trained robotics facilitator and team coach prepares problem-solving activities for the group.


The groups are divided into teams according to the designed exercise. The Robotics Facilitator and Team Coach will provide instructions with the main objective for the team to work together while stretching their analytical and creative minds.

The groups may also opt to to turn the activity into a competition where they design robots to outperform the other in constructs like Soccer Robots, Sumo Robot Competition, Robot MAZE Races, etc. This concept elevates the energy of the group and increases the fun and excitement. The Strategy brings out team effort at its peak.

At the end of the session, the group will synthesize their activity and behavior during the program.


  • Creativity
  • Communication Skills
  • Collaboration & Cooperation
  • Goal Orientation
  • Leadership Skills
  • Commitment to the Team and Company
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Strategic Development and Planning

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