Corporate Training Programs

Corporate Training Programs

About Enderun Corporate Training

The success of every organization lies in the skills and strengths of its employees. Enderun believes that empowering your team is the key to corporate excellence. By tailoring our program offerings to your company’s needs, we provide your team with what it takes to raise performance standards, hit targets, and boost your brand.

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Customer Service

A battery of engaging workshops, hands-on activities, and intensive roleplaying projects designed to equip employees with comprehensive skills needed to provide customers with the best experience in a manner that’s representative of the company’s brand and image.

Leadership & Innovation Program

A suite of immersive workshops, task-based activities, and hands-on roleplaying designed to train leaders to assert themselves in a way that’s professional, firm, and polite. This program equips company leaders with what it takes to lead their team toward success in an innovation-driven world.

Professional Communication Program

This language program focuses on industry-specific situations and skills across the board, be it written, verbal, or a hybrid of both. Designed to help professionals flex to the demands of business and business partners, this program uses hands-on practice to enhance theory and deepen the participants’ understanding of communication in the professional world.

Team Building Programs

A team building workshop that centers all its modules, activities, and lectures around your business objectives. Focused on building unity, camaraderie, and a healthy team atmosphere, this program equips participants with both soft and concrete skills to work well within a team.


Culinary Creations

This six-hour class gives participants hands-on experience with the world of flavors and food. It focuses on techniques that help participants create delicious meals. Comprised of a hands-on demonstration for each specific recipe and a guided food tasting, participants are expected to come away from the class with a renewed zest for culinary endeavors.


This is a comprehensive food handling program geared toward promoting safety and avoiding any food-borne illnesses. Through rigorous sanitation training, practice, and assessment, participants will be equipped with the necessary know-how to prepare food in the safest way possible.

ServSafe ®

This program provides participants with the skills and knowledge they need on industry essential such as food safety, food preparation, and hazard analysis.

Wine & Spirits Appreciation Sessions

This is a short supplementary course aimed at honing one’s appreciation for finer wines and spirits through a premium selection of liquors for tasting as well as comprehensive demonstrations of presentation and storage.


Beverage Skills Service Procedures

This program is designed to serve as an introduction to the basic principles of bar-keeping and beverage management. Participants are expected to come away from the program with holistic knowledge of the history, production, and hospitality aspects of beverage services.

Customer Care 101

A customer service program for frontliners which focuses on customer relation standards, negotiation skills, and sales techniques specific to the hospitality industry.

F&B Frontliner Program

This program is designed to equip F&B frontliners with the skills needed to deliver an exceptional customer dining experience. It covers every part of the frontliner-customer interaction, from the moment the guest enters the establishment to the moment the guest leaves. Program coverage focuses on proper etiquette and image enhancement.

Executive Housekeeping Services

This program is designed to cover all bases of hotel-tier housekeeping. It emphasizes the need for housekeeping staff to be up to date when it comes to industry-caliber service. Participants are expected to gain intensive know-how on housekeeping skills as well as SOPs and guidelines.

Front Office & Reception Skills Development

This is a program that specifically targets hotel front desk operations. With an emphasis on the importance of initial customer contact, the course is designed to elevate and refine front office customer handling skills.

Introduction to Restaurant Operations

This program provides an extensive overview of hotel and restaurant as an organization. It gives participants all the basics of operations by identifying the different necessary procedures, SOPs, and guidelines that come into play when managing a restaurant.

Professional Development

Foreign Language Program

This program uses a blended approach to help participants learn a new language through practice and context-immersed conversations. Centered around holistic fluency, the program doesn’t consider just the technical grasp of the language but culture and diverse worldviews as well.

Personal Branding & Image Enhancement

This image enhancement and personal branding program hones in on the specific aspects of personal image and how it affects one’s corporate image, particularly in the hospitality industry.

Module Development & Design

Module Development & Design (Platinum)

This service is centered around developing a bespoke training program specifically for your company’s needs. With our team of instructors, academic staff, and training program developers, we do the work to make sure that you know exactly which points for improvement exist in your organization and how to best help employees hone their skills.

Module Development & Design (Gold)

This training module development service centers around enhancing the company’s current training modules and assessments by evaluating the company’s objectives, progress, and vision for the future.