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Executive Development

Enderun Extension offers a wide variety of programs where the academic curriculum can be tailor-fit to suit a particular corporation’s requirements. The process begins with a thorough understanding and analysis of a client’s needs and putting these within a suitable framework. Implicit with the process is a recognition of a client’s goals – be it new product development, people development, business development, sales optimization – after which customized business solutions can be proposed and corresponding action plans that need to be initiated are suggested.

What makes Enderun Extension a cut above the rest is the composition of its highly-experienced consultants such as the founders and senior management of the College, international chefs and F&B directors, international professors and deans on various disciplines, as well as local professors and instructors. This diverse mix of mentors provide a collective wealth of knowledge as well as invaluable insight on the various aspects of running a business, all of which redound to the benefit of clients/establishments engaged in hotel and restaurant operations, food & beverage industry, tourism, wealth management, and entrepreneurship, to name just a few.

“Clients gain fresh and novel insights from our huge pool of resources, aside from the fact that they benefit from the continued education provided to their respective teams. We assist clients in developing new products, in enhancing the skills of their personnel, and we guide them on the initial steps in developing and managing their businesses such as a restaurant or a hotel for instance,” shares Mr. Daniel Perez, director of Enderun Extension.

Distinguished multinational companies that have tapped the consultancy services of Enderun Extension include such entities as HSBC, Deutsche Bank, Fonterra Brands (Philippines), and the Young Presidents Organization among many others – all of which have sealed the school’s reputation as a key corporate partner in training and development in the aspect of leadership development, sales and marketing, industry insight and best practices.

Executive Development can be conducted from a period of one day to six months to one year depending on the requirements of a client. According to Mr. Daniel Perez, one of the most requested services especially by F&B companies is for product development. Not surprisingly, a lot of up-and-coming restaurants avail of Enderun Extension’s management consultancy services due to the strong reputation of the institution’s Hospitality and Culinary divisions. Executive education may also be conducted for continued personnel development on the business side.

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Executive Summary

“An organization’s ability to learn and translate meaning into action rapidly is the ultimate competitive advantage”-Jack Welch, former General Electric CEO

A number of organizational career development studies prove that personnel training holds many promising benefits and should be one of the top priorities in any company. Training promotes achievement and retention of new skills, refining of existing ones and employee independence, & satisfaction. This then increases the company’s overall productivity. Through proper training, employees will be able to interact with clients and external partners more competently.

Enderun Extension’s Training and Development Programs and Assessments are designed to address and assist you with all your corporate needs. With Enderun’s credible pool of training instructors, module developers, excellent academic team, as well as cutting-edge teaching strategies, we pride in providing the best education for all our corporate clients.

Upon completion of a recommended training program, corporate clients can expect long-term improvement in the staff’s overall communication performance. All corporate training programs are customized according to specific needs; therefore clients can expect exceptional results based on the company’s objectives and goals.

Our Communication Training Programs Are For

  • Start up companies looking to make their mark in the corporate sector.
  • Expanding companies aiming to standardize the quality of service they provide.
  • Multinational corporations streamlining internal processes hampered by miscommunication.
  • Educational institutions aiming to provide excellent academic services not only to their students but also to their educators.

What Makes Enderun Extension Unique

Client-Need Based Operation
Each of our corporate traning programs is developed and executed specifically for each corporate client. Enderun Extension carefully profiles and understands the company, its staff, processes, history, vision-mission, and overall goals and objectives

The Enderun Extension team communicates closely with the company’s representative to ensure that the program and its execution are seamlessly designed and conducted.

High-Caliber Academic and Operations Team
Unlike other institutions wherein academics and operations are split into two different departments, the members of Enderun Extension’s Academic Team take on the responsibilities of both the academic and operations facets of any learning program. Our highly qualified team members are experienced and knowledgeable in the necessary requirements of preparing and conducting well-executed training programs, with the end goal of servicing the client’s particular learning needs. All instructors have been trained and certified to handle specific training programs such as English as a Second Language Training, Foreign Languages Training, New-Hire Training, Near-Hire Training, Customer Service English Training, Emphatic English Training, Business English Training, Business Writing Training, and more to maintain the quality of service that Enderun proudly upholds.


Enderun Extension conducts a thorough needs analysis of the specific measurable skills that the client would like assessed/trained. Based on the needs analysis, Enderun Extension will use or develop an assessment tool and/or training program that will best fit the specific needs of the company client.

The enrollment procedure starts when the client and Enderun Extension meet to discuss the client’s company profile, vision-mission, and learning objectives/key competencies. Getting to know the company is essential in the enrollment procedure as all assessment tools and training programs are customized and tailor-made for each company client. Once the necessary information is obtained, Enderun Extension deliberates upon the necessary action plan and proposed training program fit for the company.

For English Programs, an initial assessment is conducted for the participants to better gauge the proficiency level of the learning group. The placement exam is based on the Common European Framework Reference for Languages, which will also be used for developing the assessment tool and/or the training program. Once the English proficiency level of the group is determined, the Academic Operations Team will group the participants (if needed) according to their respective proficiency levels.

Further planning to iron out the logistical and operational aspects of the training program is conducted. Ultimately, Enderun Extension presents the initial proposal containing the course outline. Enderun Extension and the client shall further discuss if any revision of the course outline or the agreement must be made. After the proposal is finalized, Enderun Extension proceeds to developing the modules. Once the modules are finalized and approved, Enderun Extension implements the training program. Further revision of the module for succeeding batches is allowed, depending on the package that the clients prefers.

For foreign language programs, if the participants are considered true beginners in the language, then goal setting or profiling may be conducted after the initial meeting. However, if the participants have a working knowledge of the language, they shall undergo testing.


Enderun Extension’s programs aim to successfully optimize the participants’ skills in the workplace as they build on their pragmatic, linguistic, and sociolinguistic competencies. Activities are more task-based and dynamic so that the participants’ independent learning skills are honed, therefore making them more functional in business situations. The company’s mission-vision shall be carefully incorporated into the lessons.

Transportation Fee
Training programs may be conducted in either one of Enderun Extension’s branches in McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio or in The Podium, Ortigas Center. Should clients wish to have the training program conducted in their office or in a different venue, the transportation fee of the instructor as well as staff visits must be shouldered. The transportation fee is computed based on the distance of the training venue from Enderun Extension’s closest branch.

The required minimum enrollment is 40 hours as it usually takes this amount of time for participants to be acquainted and familiarized with the target skill/s. For mastery, a minimum of 80 hours is recommended. It is highly suggested that participants go through training for at least 6 hours a week with session frequency. However, clients may choose to spread the number of hours to their preferred schedule. Two hours thrice a week or three hours twice a week is more beneficial and productive than once a week sessions.


Package 1 Module Creation:
A learning module specifically for the client is developed and made. Upon availing of this package, the client serves the right to reuse and reproduce the learning module for other training purposes.


  • Ocular Inspection (1)
  • Needs Analysis Meeting (2-3)
  • 5 Revisions
  • Provision for Colored Printing (with extra charge)
  • Project Plan
  • Course Outline (2 revisions)
  • Copyright

Package 2 Module Revision
Based on the company’s short-term and long-term goals, learning objectives may also change. This is why Enderun Extension aims to help corporate clients further revise and improve any existing learning module they may have.


  • Needs Analysis Meeting (2-3)
  • 3 Revisions
  • Provision for Colored Printing (with extra charge)
  • Project Plan
  • Module Outline

Package 3 Handouts
Company clients also have the option of availing of handouts given every session. This package allows for plenty of room for customization and adjustment according to the learning group’s needs and pace.


  • Needs Analysis Meeting
  • Provision for Colored Printing

An assessment tool can greatly aid in accelerating, standardizing, and maintaining the accuracy of the hiring process. With a well-developed assessment tool, attrition rates will lessen, candidates for promotion may be screened conveniently and accurately, proper training may be specifically designed for near-hires, and the long list of benefits goes on. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages model is used in Enderun Extension’s Assessment Development. Placement tests will assess all language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Competencies measured by Enderun Extension’s assessment tools are not limited to language. Communicative language competencies are also measured which empower a person to act using specific linguistic means.

The reading and writing component of the placement test will measure the participant’s ability to communicate effectively using both productive and receptive skills. The assessment of the said skills will be done through a written or online exam. A series of tasks and activities will examine the participant’s ability to comprehend and analyze in the language.

The speaking and listening component of the assessment shall be conducted by Enderun Colleges’ pool of qualified corporate instructors. Assessment may be done online or face-to-face, with a series of questions ranging from conversational to academic. The flow of the speaking assessment will be conducted according to the client’s vocabulary, grammar, and syntax requirement. Rubrics for grading will be used according to the nature of the speaking exam.

Clients have the option to add the assessment tool with the corporate training program or avail of the assessment tool on its own.


A 50% down payment will be due upon execution of a definitive agreement; 50% will be due fifteen (15) days before the start of the event. The client may choose to settle fees in cash, credit card, bank deposit, or in check.

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