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Enderun aims to graduate students with the academic training, professional competencies, and character required for success in today’s complex world, by offering international-caliber degree programs that combine management theory and practical experience in a values-rich learning environment.


Enderun was founded in 2005 by a diverse group of business and community leaders, committed to building a world-class management college in the Philippines. The College’s principal founders, Jack Tuason, Javier Infante, and John Suits, had previously founded one of the Philippines’ largest business process outsourcing firms, and it was in the process of managing this operation, which ultimately grew to many thousands of employees, that they became convinced of the need for a different approach to business education–one that cultivated entrepreneurial values, passion, and real-world interpersonal skills, while preparing graduates to function at a high-level in cross-cultural settings, in a rapidly changing, increasingly competitive global economy.

The decision to launch the new college as a hospitality management school flowed naturally from this vision: the hospitality industry is the world’s largest, and a hospitality management education incorporates the key academic elements of a general management education. More crucially, the imperatives of hospitality management education namely, the need to build technical skill-sets, the need to gain real world experience through internships, and the need to develop high-level problem solving and people skills offer unique opportunities to mold character and impart knowledge. Practical considerations also figured in their vision: while Filipino hospitality workers were much in demand worldwide, widely renowned for their diligence, warmth and hospitality, the vast potential of the Philippine hospitality industry was going unrealized, for want of spirited entrepreneurs and executive-level managers.

Joined by Daniel Perez, a young graduate of Les Roches International School of Hotel Management, they assembled a team of partners that included prominent Filipino business leaders such as Jean-Henri Lhuillier, Rosanna Fores, John Tiu, and Alvin Lao, along with senior US-based executives from Hyatt Corporation. They decided to name the new College after one of history’s most famous leadership academies: the Palace School of the Ottoman Empire, a school that occupied the same compound as the Ottoman Emperors’ private residence and which prepared gifted young children, culled from the far reaches of a sprawling Empire, for careers in service, whether as governors, generals, civil administrators, cabinet secretaries or state guardians. Because the original Enderun was a training ground for leaders and because it taught leadership by first teaching service, with a wide-ranging curriculum that showcased the arts, the practical sciences, the humanities, and even the martial arts, it seemed a fitting name for the new College, which would teach its young students to lead as managers, as entrepreneurs and as citizens by first teaching them how to serve, and then empowering them with a solid general education, encompassing the humanities, the arts and the practical sciences.

Under the leadership of Jack Tuason, the new College launched in June 2006 with accreditation from the Philippine Commission on Higher Education, a founding Dean in Dr. Lorraine Villanueva, a campus in Ortigas Center’s Wynsum Corporate Plaza and 80 pioneering students. The College offered one degree (in International Hospitality Management) with two majors (Hotel Administration and Culinary Arts), and completed an academic partnership with the Les Roches International School of Hotel Management. The agreement allowed Enderun students to earn an additional credential, the Les Roches Certificate in Hospitality Operations, en route to the Enderun bachelor’s degree. The fledgling College also opened a small, student-manned restaurant, aptly named Restaurant 101, and, under the leadership of founding Corporate Culinary Head Chef See Cheong Yan, quickly established itself as a center of excellence in culinary education.

The young College grew rapidly, adding more than 200 students in School year 2007-2008, and establishing new partnerships, most notably with the Alain Ducasse Formation, a leading French culinary institute. This partnership offered Enderun culinary students the opportunity to earn certificates from ADF (en route to their Enderun bachelor’s degrees), and integrated the pedagogical methods of Alain Ducasse, one of the world’s most celebrated chefs, into the Enderun culinary program. By 2008, the College was establishing new milestones on a nearly monthly basis: in January, another noted businessman, Simon Bakker, joined its board of governors and financiers; in April, Jack Tuason retired, passing the mantle of the College’s leadership to co-founder Javier Infante; in June, the College enrolled another 300 new students, and moved to its permanent campus in the McKinley Hill area of Fort Bonifacio; in September, storied Filipino conglomerate A. Soriano Corporation joined the school’s funding team; in October, the College recruited a leading US academic, Dr. Lance Masters, to be its new Provost; and in December, it launched Enderun Extension to offer short courses and continuing education for working professionals and hobbyists.

School year 2009-2010 shaped up as an even more momentous one in the young College’s life. In June, Enderun launched its second degree program: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, with highly differentiated majors in Business Process Management and Consulting, Finance and Wealth Management, and Marketing Management. Enderun has always been a management school at its core, so the move to offer a business administration program is a natural one. The potential synergies between the new business program and the existing hospitality management program are compelling: hospitality students will benefit from exposure to a deeper management faculty, while business students will gain the confidence, personal flair and real-world experience that comes from an education in hospitality. 2009-2010 witnessed the opening of new facilities (most notably the new location of Restaurant 101 and the Atrium, a spectacular student lounge and function space), the addition of intramural athletic programs, the launch of new student support programs and a collaborative drive, involving students as well as the College’s Administration, to identify synergistic new degree programs, plan new facilities, and create new traditions.

In school year 2010-2011, Enderun offered its third degree program: Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship, with special focus on Family Enterprise. This presents students with the unique opportunity of planning, managing, and improving a family enterprise.

In 2012, Enderun held two important events. Enderun became the first Global Partner of Thunderbird Online, a professional development group of Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona, USA. Enderun integrates Thunderbird Online’s Executive Certificates into its Business Administration and Entrepreneurship programs, combining online learning with in-classroom instruction. Enderun’s Business and Entrepreneurship students will be able to graduate with an Enderun degree and Thunderbird Online Executive Certificate in Global Leadership. In the same year, Enderun launched the Ducasse Institute Philippines, the first Ducasse Institute outside of France. The partnership, formerly known as ADF+Enderun, brings together the expertise of Enderun Colleges and Ducasse Education in offering excellence in practice of culinary arts in the Philippines and Asia.


The Study, as part of the Extension School, started accommodating English as Second Language students in 2008. It became a means for degree-bound students to develop and master their academic English skills prior to taking up regular degree courses in the college. To date, the center has two branches-one in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig and one in Ortigas, Pasig.

The language program offerings also became more diverse. Foreign language classes in Mandarin, Spanish, French, Tagalog, Portuguese, Japanese, Thai are also being taught. Camp students do not only get to learn English in the four walls of the classroom but are given ample opportunities to experience mini-internships or exposure trips, travel to different parts of the country and interact with other nationalities through social nights and other events. In 2013, the blended learning program was launched and has been a very popular course among degree-bound and non-degree students. In year 2015, The Study became an official partner of British Council Philippines and an IELTS learning resource center. It has successfully trained various students to achieve their target scores to work or study overseas. A unique cultural exchange program was also launched, in cooperation with BC, and about 20 Enderun students were sent to the United Kingdom to learn more about the hotel industry by listening to lecturers from Oxford University and visiting hotels in London. The Study continues to forge new partnerships with education partners whose aim is to promote global-mindedness and cultural diversity.

Currently, students learn using both online and face-to-face methods and are given unlimited access to educational resources and social communication classes. About 28 different nationalities are enrolled in The Study’s various language and tutorial programs.In the classroom, emphasis is placed on student-centered learning. With the belief that learners absorb information through all the senses, the teaching methodologies, shaped with a focus on students’ learning styles, require maximum involvement from students.


Enderun’s language programs promote intensive and rigorous English training wherein students are expected to function at a rate commensurate with other students who have mastered the skills in the English language. Moreover, they shall be able to successfully participate in academic and social discussions and express their thoughts and opinions openly and confidently. The students shall also develop appreciation of language arts in its truest sense. Most significantly, they shall be active listeners, speakers, readers and writers.

Enderun Colleges aims to promote academic and social development for students who are learning English as a foreign or second language. The program designed for each class enables students to improve their academic and functional skills while learning English and other languages. Furthermore, Enderun aims to aid English learners to excel and develop a sense of fulfillment in their linguistic, academic and social encounters.

The Study’s programs are recognized by the Department of Tourism, Philippine Commission on Higher Education and the Philippine Study Abroad Association.


Enderun’s commitment to delivering a world-class educational experience to students and to establishing itself among the world’s premier undergraduate management schools is nowhere more evident than in its commitment to developing world-class facilities. The Enderun campus in Fort Bonifacio sets new standards for university design and construction, and promises to become an iconic Philippine architectural landmark.

The campus, situated on two lavishly landscaped hectares in the McKinley Hill area of Fort Bonifacio, features academic buildings with more than 7,000 square meters of classroom space. The four buildings, Titan’s Hall and Business Administration Building, Hotel Administration Building and the Culinary Arts Building, are inspired by Asian colonial architecture, with contemporary interiors that accommodate classrooms, faculty rooms, and administration offices.

As part of Enderun’s academic partnership with Alain Ducasse Formation, the two institutions collaborated to build the Ducasse Institute Philippines, whose design and appointments were carefully studied to conform to the specifications of Ducasse Education (formerly Alain Ducasse Formation). Here, students master culinary principles and techniques after foundational training in the classical European tradition. 101, the application restaurant for students’ practical classes, delivers a superlative dining experience to place it among Manila’s dining destinations.

At Enderun, past, present, and future meet, along with some of the global industry’s finest minds to create a unique learning environment and a breeding ground for future industry leaders.

The campus is located in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City, one of the fastest-rising hubs in Metro Manila, where numerous business and leisure establishments offer a diverse range of lifestyle choices. Enderun’s neighboring buildings at the McKinley Hill township house some members of the country’s business process outsourcing sector, including Accenture, Lawson, and Hewlett-Packard. Premium hotel brands are breaking ground in Taguig City, including the Shangri-La at the Fort. All within a five-mile radius are international schools (International School Manila, British International School, Chinese International School, Korean International School), embassies (United Kingdom, South Korea, Singapore, Qatar), shopping and dining destinations (Serendra, Market! Market!, Bonifacio High Street), the Makati Central Business District, domestic and international airports, Makati Medical Center and the St. Luke’s Medical Center.

The Tent at Enderun

Restaurant 101
Dormitory Facade (Woodridge)
Dormitory Rooms
Titans Hall
Culinary Amphitheater
Enderun Atrium
Titans Gymnasium


A unique learning environment, The Study: Enderun Tutorial & Language Center has learning hubs unlike the usual classroom setting. Its modern interior, neutral color palette, glass windows, floor-to-ceiling bookshelves radiates a relaxed place to study and take workshops or short courses. Aside from the 7 learning hubs, The Study has a computer laboratory, conference room, café, and student lounge that doubles as a secret room.

“We geared away from traditional school set up. Instead, we want our students to have fun and to play an active role in their own education through modern teaching and independent learning” Loida Flojo, head of the Tutorial and Language Department at Enderun Colleges said.

Aside from language, academic tutorials, and specialized courses, The Study also offers short courses and workshops from Enderun Extension, the continuing education arm of Enderun Colleges.

Among the programs that are offered are: Introduction to Coffee, ServSafe, Enderun- Junior Entrepreneurs Academy (E-JEA), and Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET).

“We are excited to be able to open our first satellite campus at The Podium. This is an exciting location be in and, The Study hopes to meet what the people within the area are looking for in terms of our course offerings,” Daniel Perez, Director for Admissions and Extension School at Enderun Colleges said.

The Study: Enderun Tutorial & Language Center is located at the 4th floor of The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City.

The Saffron Learning Hub

The Conference Hub

The Periwinkle Learning Hub

Meet the team (from left): The Study Center Manager Ana Galang, Director for Admissions and Extension School Daniel Perez, Operations Manager Jacqueline Faust, Associate Director of The Study Loida Flojo.
The Study language students with Enderun Colleges’ Founder Jack Tuaston.