28 Jun

Opening a Restaurant? Entrepreneurship Management Courses are a Must!

A Restaurant Entrepreneurship Management Course or REM is a course for prospective restaurateurs and franchisees, food and beverage consultants and restaurant owners looking to improve and expand their businesses. It is designed to enable the course takers gain an understanding of the risks, challenges, and...

27 Mar

What your taste in wine says about you

The science of psychology has attempted to explain almost every aspect of human behavior. From preferences in color, places to vacation, and décor to career, life partner, and family dynamics, different aspects of your life can tell a psychologist about your personality. These aspects can...

22 Mar

The most ideal way to learn a new language

Each year, hundreds of people set out to study or learn a new language, but most of them meet little success.  This leads to most people giving up on their bilingual or polyglot dreams, when in fact it isn’t the learning part that is difficult--people...