25 Sep

The Restaurant Owner’s Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for restaurants is considered one of the most aspects that contribute to the success of a food business. With millions of social media posts related to food and dining, social media has been proven to be a huge asset for restaurants when...

25 Sep

3 Sources of Inspiration for Your Next Business Idea

Starting a Business in Manila: Three Places to Find Your Inspiration Today, many have looked towards the prospect of owning a business over working or somebody else. In making the switch, some people succeed and some people struggle. One of the key differentiators here is preparation....

28 Jun

Opening a Restaurant? Entrepreneurship Management Courses are a Must!

A Restaurant Entrepreneurship Management Course or REM is a course for prospective restaurateurs and franchisees, food and beverage consultants and restaurant owners looking to improve and expand their businesses. It is designed to enable the course takers gain an understanding of the risks, challenges, and...