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Microsoft Future Ready Course: Data Analytics (Foundational)

This course is perfect for beginners from various industries who are looking to acquire the fundamental competencies of data analysis. Catering to beginners, career shifters, and managers looking to understand data on a foundational level, this course serves as the perfect stepping stone to a career in data.

Microsoft Certification Courses: Data Analytics (Professional Course)

This course is perfect for professionals looking to further refine their skills in data analysis. An ideal course for upskillers, this focuses on honing data analysis skills to better present, manage, and grow data.

Microsoft Future-Ready Course: Data Programming (Foundational)

Microsoft Future-Ready Track for Data Programming’s goal is to ensure to learn the best practices and begin coding almost immediately even if you are foreign to data programming. The course is designed for those who have never attempted programming. You will learn how to think logically and systematically through creating basic programs, developing interactive web pages, and understanding how to keep the user in mind in design as well as analyzing algorithms and data for efficiency.

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