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SME Management Bootcamp

In light of COVID-19 and the community quarantines imposed around the country, consumers are leaning more and more towards businesses with a strong online/digital presence. Now, it’s up to SMEs to adapt to these changes in consumer behavior as quickly as possible. Help your business bounce back from the Enhanced Community Quarantine and transition into the “new normal” through Enderun Extension’s SME Management Bootcamp.

This packaged 3-part course is designed to help SMEs establish a strong online presence to better match the needs and expectations of their customers. Learn how to establish a strong brand online, turn your social media platforms into dependable customer acquisition tools, build an effective e-commerce website, and more.

Classes include:

1. Social Media Marketing Bootcamp
Discover how to leverage social media as a marketing and conversion tool for your business. Learn key skills and best practices to effectively market and advertise your business on Facebook, Instagram, and more.
2. E-commerce Bootcamp
Equip yourself and your team with all the skills necessary to design, develop, and launch an effective e-commerce platform for your business.
3. Digital Crisis Preparedness Bootcamp
Learn how to efficiently manage your brand’s online reputation and address potential crises on various social media platforms.
These courses are best taken together to give SMEs a more holistic background in digital marketing and sales at a more affordable price. Participants, however, may choose to take classes individually by clicking their preferred class and completing registration.

SME Management Series: Social Media Marketing Bootcamp

In light of recent events, digital marketing is now absolutely vital for the continued success of SMEs across all industries. Discover how to leverage social media as a marketing tool for your business. The Social Media Marketing Bootcamp helps SMEs develop the necessary skills to effectively transition their marketing and advertising efforts into social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. Learn how to identify your target market, optimize cost-efficient digital ads, and help your business find success in the digital landscape.

Course Topics

  • Defining the business challenge on social
  • Market/audience sizing
  • Defining the social marketing solution
  • Defining the Unique Value Proposition on social
  • Defining and building your social consumer
  • Creating a go-to-market social marketing plan
  • Content strategies on social
  • Content production, engagement, and feedback analysis
  • Basic paid media planning and operations

SME Management Series: E-commerce Bootcamp

Social distancing and quarantine guidelines have drastically changed the purchasing behavior of consumers. With more and more people turning to online shopping, SMEs that rely on selling goods must adapt their sales strategies and platforms.
The E-commerce bootcamp equips SMEs with all the skills necessary to design, develop, and implement an effective e-commerce platform for their brand. Learn how to adapt your business to the needs and habits of your target market, cultivate effective sales strategies, and help your business find success in the digital landscape.

Course Topics

  • Basics of setting up/Upgrading your e-commerce site
  • Sales planning and strategic implementations
  • Using digital marketing tools to generate sales
  • Basics of branding
  • Setting up/upgrading infrastructure
  • Data privacy and cybersecurity
  • Basics of data analytics

SME Management Series: Digital Crisis Preparedness Bootcamp

Course Topics

  • Understand the anatomy of a social media crisis
  • Identify ‘crisis pillars’ to determine if an issue is a crisis or not
  • Create escalation plans, engagement plans, and recovery plans

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