Certificate in Fashion Management

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Certificate in Fashion Management

The fashion industry lies in a very competitive environment. In order to keep up, designers and fashion entrepreneurs always have to adapt to new marketing techniques and establish brand identity and uniqueness to be above the rest.

Enderun Colleges is now offering a Certificate in Fashion Management with subjects in Apparel Analysis for Fashion Industry, Fashion Entrepreneurship, Retail Business, Fashion Merchandising and Costing, Fashion Research and Marketing, and Technical Sketching. Under this new program, aspiring fashion entrepreneurs will be able to learn how fashion labels promote their business and manage their own fashion label, understand consumer’s mindset and attitude that affect demand because of changing lifestyle and trends, gain proficiency in making their own market research. Moreover, students will also get to know the basics of sketching and terminologies used in the fashion industry.

Faithful to Enderun’s way of balancing theory and practice, students get to practice their group dynamic skills by working with peers on creating their own fashion apparel.

First Semester
  • Fundamentals of Marketing Management
  • Fashion Research and Marketing
  • Technical Sketching
Second Semester
  • Apparel Analysis for the Fashion Industry
  • Fashion Merchandising and Costing
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship (can be moved to another semester to make the certificate 1.5 years long)
  • Customer Relationship Management

Curriculum + Course Description

  • Apparel Analysis for Fashion Industry

    This course examines principle of pre-season and in-season production based on analyzing, forecasting, developing, and supervising within an apparel manufacturing organization. Students will integrate methods of establishing standards of quality for design, fabric, and manufacturing.

    At the end of this course, the students are expected to:

    1. Be able to understand the mass production process of ready-to-wear apparel, and its relation to cost and quality
    2. Understand government regulations and labeling
    3. Identify the priorities of the industry and consumer
    4. Analyze competitive advantage in the fashion industry based on size, fit, fabric, and quality
    5. Identify quality’s role in fabric, trim, stitch, seam, edge treatment, and garment assembly.
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship: Retail Business

    This course is an in-depth course in sales and retail management. Students learn how to plan and develop their fashion business concept, hire the right talents, market to the right consumers, identify the perfect retail location, and analyze financial plans.

    At the end of this course, the students are expected to:

    1. Understand the development of fashion retail industry
    2. Identify competitive advantages of a fashion business
    3. Analyze the contributions of small start up fashion retailers in the market
    4. Understand the nature and environment of the fashion retail business
    5. Be able to build business plans for a new fashion collection/brand
    6. Be able to know how to effectively manage a fashion retail store
    7. Formulate strategies including operation, marketing, human resource, and financial
    8. Identify source of funds, growth strategies, risks, and opportunities in various target markets in fashion retail
  • Fashion Merchandising and Costing

    This course is devoted to the development and merchandising of an apparel product line. It tackles basic fashion and business concepts: textile, silhouette, color, retail merchandise categories, designing and producing apparel, and retail business. Students will study the development of collections and groups for specific target markets and study the technical processes of costing to produce the merchandise. Students will develop their own line of apparel for a specific target customer.

    At the end of this course, the students are expected to:

    1. Understand fashion terms: fashion, apparel, garment, fashion trend, silhouette, high fashion, avant-garde, fad, craze, classic, wardrobe, and accessories.
    2. Understand reasons why people wear and buy clothes.
    3. Analyze the psychology behind fashion.
    4. Identify the social, economic, and political influences in fashion.
    5. Understand fashion cycle, category, and movement.
    6. Identify basic apparel styles for dress, tops, and bottoms.
    7. Have basic introduction about the textile industry.
    8. Identify the processes involved in merchandising products.
    9. Be able to identify the steps in merchandise planning.
    10. Plan a collection or product line based on skills and knowledge from fashion merchandising.
  • Fashion Research and Marketing

    This course is devoted to the development and merchandising of a commercial apparel line based upon an understanding of modern marketing research and marketing methods.

    At the end of this course, the students are expected to:

    1. Be able to understand the inter-relationship of all elements in marketing and manufacturing as they relate to developing a line of apparel
    2. Become aware of the importance of market research in apparel manufacturing line development
    3. Recognize the importance of an effective presentation for achieving company goals and profits
    4. Gain proficiency in target market research
    5. Define the relationship between customer and product
    6. Articulate his/her ideas for an apparel line
    7. Practice group dynamics skills by working with peers on the final project
    8. Prepare a line concept including a fashion statement, company name and logo, and classification and opportunities
    9. Understand the promotional strategies used for apparel lines
    10. Present a promotional strategy for an apparel line to the class including advertising plans (media choice, demographic research), personal sales goals (product knowledge, selling techniques, negotiating with retail buyer), sales promotion timing and activities, and publicity.
  • Technical Sketching

    This course is a flat sketching class that integrates hand and computer sketching in line development. This course teaches students, basic drawing skills and design detail terminology used by the fashion industry.

    At the end of this course, the students are expected to:

    1. Be able to draw or sketch apparel pieces by hand and by the use of computer software
    2. Be able to develop a line with the use of sketching skills
    3. Be able to use computer software in sketching
    4. Be able to translate a design and garment ideas into a clear sketch for pattern cutters and sewers

Admission Requirements:

  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Photocopy of Transcript of Records from last school attended
  3. Curriculum Vitae
  4. Proof of billing
  5. Essay (300 words or less) “What Made You Decide to Pursue this Course?”
  6. Photocopy of Birth Certificate
  7. Two recent 2x2 Photos

For Foreign Students:

  1. Passport
  2. ESL Evaluation
  3. Special Study Permit

Admission Process:

  • First Evaluation. Once the College has received your complete application documents, your file will be evaluated to determine whether you will be called in for a personal admission interview. You shall be informed within two weeks as to whether you have been selected for an interview or your application has been unsuccessful.
  • Personal Interview. The interview is an indispensable step in the admission process. This allows the Admissions Committee--made up of members of Enderun Management, faculty, and admissions staff--to evaluate potential students based on their level of interest in the hospitality industry, as well as their maturity level, academic potential, interpersonal skills and leadership potential.
  • For candidates unable to travel to Manila for the interview, a written request to be interviewed by telephone may be submitted.
  • Decision. Based on the results of both the written application and the interview, the Admissions Committee shall make a final decision to admit the candidate. All candidates shall be informed in of the Committee's decision.


Monday, Jun 18
Enderun Colleges, Fort Bonifacio
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115,244 PHP (estimate cost per semester)
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