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Diploma in Professional Pastry and Bakery Arts

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Diploma in Professional Pastry and Bakery Arts

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This intensive program gives students the opportunity to hone their pastry skills through the pedagogy of École Ducasse. Through our hands-on, immersive lectures and labs, students are given the chance to master fundamental, advanced, and superior skills that will help them make it in the world of pastry arts. This comprehensive program includes an optional internship through which students can gain industry experience and foster a community that will help open the doors to their dream career.

Enderun’s partnership with École Ducasse offers Enderun students the opportunity to undergo rigorous training under the watchful eyes of École Ducasse culinary team. The combination of Enderun’s existing culinary faculty-already celebrated as one of Asia’s most distinguished-with the École Ducasse teaching methodologies promises to set new standards for culinary education in Asia. The collaboration also gives Enderun students the opportunity to earn a École Ducasse Certificate in Culinary Arts as they study for their Enderun bachelor’s degree.



Laetitia Moreau

Award-winning pastry chef Laetitia Moreau joins Enderun Colleges as the Executive Pastry Chef for all of Enderun’s pastry programs. Moreau began her culinary career at Les Compagnon de Devoir et du Tour de France. After her initial training, she found herself falling in love with pastry arts, which inspired her to move to Paris to work for La Grande Epicerie de Paris. It was the first move of many. Since then, she has worked in several cities including Lyon, Atlanta and New York.

An opportunity to teach called her back to Les Compagnon du Devoir et du Tour de France, which led to another position at Ecole Nationale Superieure de la Pâtisserie (ENSP), an Alain Ducasse School, where she had–before teaching– worked as assistant to the World Champion of Pastry. Being a part of the Ducasse family of chefs, Laetitia now finds herself in Manila, Philippines as part of Enderun Colleges.


General Objectives

At the end of this class, participants should be able to:

  • Execute the skills to begin working in a Pastry Shop, Bakery, Restaurant, or Hotel.
  • Master the ability to integrate pastry techniques and recipes in operating one’s own Pastry Shop.
  • Showcase the skills learned in an optional international internship.
  • Obtain a “Pastry Background”: to have knowledge of the different biscuits, different creams which are composed of different delights


Week 1 and Week 2 – Basic doughs
  • Basic Tarts (Lemon tart, Bourdaloue tart, Fruits tart, Tatin tart..)
  • Advance Tarts (Coffee/Lemongrass tart, Mont Blanc Tart, Mango Tart …)
Week 3 and Week 4 – Pâte à choux
  • Basic pate a choux (Choux Vanille, Paris Brest, Swans, Salambos …)
  • Advanced Pâte à Choux (Almond / Cherry Religieuses, Strawberry / Orange Blossom Saint Honoré ….)
Week 5 and Week 6 – Puff Pastry Dough
  • Basic Puff Pastry Dough ( Jalousie, Traditional Millefeuille, Bichon …)
  • Advanced Puff Pastry Dough ( Exotic Millefeuille, Rhubarb/ Strawberry Alllumettes …)
Week 7 – Pâtes Levées
  • Brioche ( Navettes, Chocolate Fondant Brioche, Bugnes …)
  • Donuts, Waffles, French Toast, Pancakes, Bostock …
Week 8 and 9 – Traditional Entremets
  • Opéra, Charlotte aux Poires, Moka, Black Forest, Sacher …
Week 10 – Advanced Mixed Week

A week where we mix all the previous competencies to create an advanced and superior recipes

  • Apple and Back Currant Galette by Christophe Felder
  • Peanut / Caramel / Pineapple Paris Brest
  • Peanut / Caramel / Pineapple Paris Brest
  • Chesnut / Mandarin Choux …
Week 11 and Week 12 - Travel Tea Time Cakes
  • Basics Cookies ( Chocolate Chips Cookies, Amarettis, Rochers Coco, Almond Tuiles ….)
  • Advanced and Superior Cookies ( Macarons: different flavors, Damiers, Hazelnuts Apricot Cake …)
Week 13 and Week 14 – Entremets

More than 10 different kinds of Entremet, Biscuits, Inserts, Filling, and Flavors.

  • Le temps des Cerises by Bruno Moncoudioul
  • Bromélia
  • Calisson
Week 15 – Bakery and Viennoiserie
  • Breads : Pain Courant, Pain aux Ingredients, Pain de Meteil …
  • Vienoisserie : Croissant, Pain aux Chocolat, Pain de Mie …
Week 16 – Themed Cakes
  • Christmas Log (Traditional and Modern)
  • New Year Eve Cake
Week 17 and Week 18 – Plated Desserts
  • Basic Plated Dessert (Ile Flottante, Fruits Gratin, Lava Cake …)
  • Advanced Plated Dessert (Mojito Verrine, 66% Chocolate Soufflé, Chanel Square …)
Week 19 – Chocolates and Confectionery
  • Chocolate (Chocolate Egg, Praliné, Chocolate Bonbons)
  • Confectionery (Differents kinds of Caramel)
Week 20 – Exam and Desserts Buffet
  • 2 days of Final Exam
  • 3 days of Buffet Preparation

BAKERY (2 Months)

General Objectives

At the end of this class, participants should be able to :

  • Follow the standard processes.
  • Analyze the fundamental techniques involved in Baking Artisanal Breads.
  • Apply the techniques learned in class to various recipes and occasions.
  • Create their own bread using the techniques learned in class.
Week 1 – Basic Soft Dough Breads
  • Different kinds of Brioche, Sandwich Breads, Buns
Week 2 – International Breads
  • Pita, Pizza, Bretzel, Ensaymadas, Focaccia
Week 3 – Sweet or Savory Merienda
  • Muffins, Quiche Lorraine, Savory Puffs, Donuts
Week 4 – Viennoiserie
  • Croissants, Bi-color Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, Pains au raisins
Week 5 – Advanced Bread Doughs and Fermentations
  • Different kinds of Natural Starters, Whole Wheat Bread with Liquid Starter
Week 6 – Advanced Bread Doughs and Fermentations
  • Pain de tradition Française, Perfementation, Autolysis
Week 7 – Advanced Bread Doughs and Fermentations
  • Pain de Campagne, Pre-fermentation, Delayed Proofing
SectionWeek 8 – “Mixed” Week and Exam
  • Gluten-Free Breads, Beignets


General Objectives

  • Set up the structural organization of a kitchen, according to its specific needs and activities.
  • Know how to write a recipe, calculate its production cost, both manually and available software.
  • Set up the budget of a kitchen, supervise its control and possibly set up remedial measures.
  • Manage human resources within a kitchen. (analyze profiles, manage recruitment, encourage well being and efficiency)
  • Organize and manage a Team by balancing authority, empathy, and rigor.
I. Organization of a Kitchen
  1. Organization and Premises
  2. Production Organization and management
  3. Recipes and Menus
II. Kitchen Management (Controls and Finance)
  1. Kitchen Budget
  2. Purchase and Supply
  3. Restricting Cost
  4. Human Resource Management
III. Kitchen Management (Personnel)
  1. Kitchen Management Principles
  2. Managing a Kitchen
  3. Kitchen Staff


Monday, May 24
Enderun Colleges, Fort Bonifacio
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PhP 495,000
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Enderun Colleges, Fort Bonifacio
Enderun Colleges, 1100 Campus Avenue, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig City, 1634 Philippines
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