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Enderun Junior Entrepreneurship Academy (Pre-Teens)

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Enderun Junior Entrepreneurship Academy (Pre-Teens)

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Course Content

Day 1: Change in Perspective: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

1. Business = Value creation
2. Entrepreneurship = Solving Problems
3. Innovation (Solving a problem in a new way)
A. Vitamin pill
B. Pain reliever
C. Game changer

Day 2: Design Thinking

1. Empathy
2. Define
3. Ideate
4. Prototype
5. Test

Day 3: The Business Model Canvas

1. What are the nine building blocks?
2. How do they work together? (Feasibility, visibility and viability)

Day 4: Completing the BMC of Your Business

1. Marketing
2. Operations

Day 5: Completing the BMC of Your Busines

3. Costing
4. Pricing

Day 6: Refining your BMC and Learning How to pitch

DAY 7: Product Demo and BMC Pitch


Monday, Jul 13
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