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Level 2: FoodSHAP® Basic Food Safety for Food Handlers (e-Learning)

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Level 2: FoodSHAP® Basic Food Safety for Food Handlers (e-Learning)

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FoodSHAP® e-Learning employs a blended learning approach which features online and classroom learning strategies. The program goal is to ensure that students shall remain motivated and engaged in a unique remote learning setup.

During this difficult time, our goal is to continuously help our students achieve their learning goals and earn their credentials through remote certificate programs while caring for the community during the pandemic.

  • Receive educational materials (workbooks, PPEs, and online information) at home
  • Suit the student’s own learning pace and schedule within the given timeframe to access the platform
  • Listen to lectures from our authorized trainers
  • Enjoy videos, fun games, individual, and group activities online
  • Pass readiness assurance tests, assignments, and activities in one click
  • Interact with our trainers through Q&A’s
  • Take invigilated assessments through Authorized Course Provider venue in person (at assessment venue) by examination officer from FoodSHAP®
  • Become a certificate holder with local (DOH and DepEd) and international accreditation (ANSI) after passing the course and receive certificates at your doorstep

LEVEL 2: FoodSHAP® Basic Food Safety for Food Handlers (e-Learning)

The first step towards the full FoodSHAP® Food Safety Training & Examination System (FSTES©). It covers what is known as the pre-requisite programs to HACCP; basically the foundation programs and standard operating procedures that must be in place prior to planning or implementing a HACCP based program. The qualification covers all the basic hygiene requirements for food handlers in catering and thoroughly addresses the Flow of Food from purchasing to serving. The syllabus was developed with the Philippines Food Safety Act 2013 and Code of Sanitation at its core, and with the International WHO & Codex requirements as its main references, all following the guidelines of the Philippines Department of Health DOH.

Training Coverage:

  1. Introduction to Food Safety
  2. Food Hazards
  3. Illness from Food
  4. High-Risk Food
  5. Time and Temperature Control
  6. Personal Hygiene
  7. Food Safety Training
  8. Premises and Equipment
  9. Cleaning and Sanitizing
  10. Pest Control
  11. Staying Safe in the Kitchen
  12. The Flow of Food
  13. Introduction to HACCP
  14. Food Safety Laws Regulations


December 31, 2021
Saturday, Dec 31
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