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Level 3: FoodSHAP® HACCP Principles & Practice (e-Learning)

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Level 3: FoodSHAP® HACCP Principles & Practice (e-Learning)

Course Content

FoodSHAP® e-Learning employs a blended learning approach which features online and classroom learning strategies. The program goal is to ensure that students shall remain motivated and engaged in a unique remote learning setup.

During this difficult time, our goal is to continuously help our students achieve their learning goals and earn their credentials through remote certificate programs while caring for the community during the pandemic

-Receive educational materials (workbooks, PPEs, and online information) at home
-Suit the student’s own learning pace and schedule within the given timeframe to access the platform
-Listen to lectures from our authorized trainers
-Enjoy videos, fun games, individual, and group activities online
-Pass readiness assurance tests, assignments, and activities in one click
-Interact with our trainers through Q&A’s
-Take invigilated assessments through Authorized Course Provider venue in person (at assessment venue) by examination officer from FoodSHAP®
-Become a certificate holder with local (DOH and DepEd) and international accreditation (ANSI) after passing the course and receive certificates at your doorstep

The second step towards the complete FoodSHAP® Food Safety Training & Examination System (FSTES©).

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point; it’s a system developed to identify and control food hazards at each step of the flow of food. This qualification covers the steps to develop and implement HACCP, and also covers the 7 HACCP Principles.

Training Coverage:
1. Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
2. Prerequisite Programs Review
3. The Process Approach to HACCP
4. Developing & Implementing a HACCP-based Program
5. The 7 Principles of HACCP
• Conduct a Hazard Analysis
• Determine Critical Control Points
• Establish critical limits
• Establish monitoring procedures
• Develop corrective actions
• Conduct ongoing verification
• Keeping documented information
Additional topic on COVID-19
• FOODSHAP HACCP team’s Guide to COVID-19

Training duration:
16 hours (includes readiness assurance tests, lectures, videos, online activities, trainer Q&A feedback, forums, individual and group activity assignments, peer evaluation, workbook reading time and self study)

The course shall be assessed by a closed book multiple choice exam and a practical assignment. Candidates must pass both assessments to receive their certificates from FoodSHAP®.

Closed book multiple choice test + HACCP Plan assignment. Participants need to pass the assessment in order for them to receive their DOH recognized FoodSHAP® certificate.

Who Should Attend?
All Food Handlers working in the catering or retail setting where food is prepared, cooked, and handled. Particularly relevant to environments such as pubs, hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, retail environments, hospitals, care homes, schools, prisons, or any establishment that handles and serves food.

Level 2: FoodSHAP® Basic Food Safety (for Food Handlers)

Suggested Progression:
Level 4: FoodSHAP® Food Safety Compliance Office (FSCO)


December 31, 2021
Saturday, Dec 31
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