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Microsoft Certification Courses: Data Programming (Python Edition) Foundational

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Microsoft Certification Courses: Data Programming (Python Edition) Foundational

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Microsoft Future-Ready Track for Data Programming’s goal is to ensure to learn the best practices and begin coding almost immediately even if you are foreign to data programming. The course is designed for those who have never attempted programming. You will learn how to think logically and systematically through creating basic programs, developing interactive web pages, and understanding how to keep the user in mind in design as well as analyzing algorithms and data for efficiency.

Python for Beginners is part of the Microsoft Professional Program in Entry-Level Software Development. It is a hands-on course for an in-depth look at the details of Python layers and concepts. Get ample practice drills and projects, using Jupyter Notebooks on Azure, which require only a browser and an Internet connection.

After you explore data types and variables, take a look at strings, input, testing, and formatting. From there, learn about arguments and parameters, along with conditionals and nested conditionals. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create programs that prompt users for input and use conditional (True/False) logic and Python methods to manipulate numbers and text to provide responses to the users, in addition to requesting further input. Plus, learn basic troubleshooting for your code.

Modules with Certificate

  • Introduction to Python: Absolute Beginner
  • Logic and Critical Thinking
  • Introduction to Python: Fundamentals
  • Designing a Technical Solution


  • Using Python in Jupyter Notebooks
  • Gathering input and manipulating input/output
  • Building reusable Functions with parameters and return values
  • Decisions and repetition using conditional statements and loops
  • Creation of basic program and functions
  • Process simple data structures and files
  • Develop interactive web pages


  • Suit the student’s own learning pace and schedule within the given time frame to access the platform
  • Receive educational materials through the Enderun Tech Academy website
  • Learn from Professional Data programmers
  • Learn individual and group activities online
  • e-Certificate from Microsoft and CloudSwyft
  • Digital badge


December 31, 2021
Saturday, Dec 31
Online Course
Program Fee:
PhP 30,000
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