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Microsoft Future Ready Course: Data Analytics (Foundational)

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Microsoft Future Ready Course: Data Analytics (Foundational)


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Data Analytics are crucial for the development of companies and industries in the modern world. A company’s growth is measured by how much data they’re able to collect, measure, and analyze. All of this eventually feeds into creating strategic plans which are based on a measurable construct. This course set seeks to equip students with the skills that they need to widen their professional competencies and raise industry’s standards.

Foundational Course

This course is perfect for beginners from various industries who are looking to acquire the fundamental competencies of data analysis. Catering to beginners, career shifters, and managers looking to understand data on a foundational level, this course serves as the perfect stepping stone to a career in data.


  • Data Analysis: A Practical Introduction for Absolute Beginners
  • Data Visualization: A Practical Approach for Absolute Beginners
  • Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel
  • Essential Math for Data Analysis Using Excel Online
  • Analytics for Storytelling Impact


Saturday, Nov 21
Online Course
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PhP 20,000
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