Microsoft Modern Technology Program with Virtual Hands-on Lab: Data Science for AI Program

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Microsoft Modern Technology Program with Virtual Hands-on Lab: Data Science for AI Program

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Data Science for AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the biggest segments of the tech industry. With the advent of mobile assistants, automated web chat services, and smart tech, developers in AI take up a big chunk of the tech job market. This course is designed for participants with a background in data science, basic programming, and/or Python.

Ethics & Law in Data & Analytics

In this course, participants will learn to apply ethical and legal frameworks to initiatives in the data profession. They’ll explore practical approaches to data and analytics problems posed by work in Big Data, Data Science, and AI. Participants will also investigate applied data methods for ethical and legal work in Analytics and AI.

Introduction to Python for Data Science

In this practical course, participants will start from the very beginning, with basic arithmetic and variables, and learn how to handle data structures, such as Python lists, Numpy arrays, and Pandas DataFrames. Along the way, they’ll learn about Python functions and control flow. Plus, they’ll look at the world of data visualizations with Python and create their own stunning visualizations based on real data.

Data Science Research Methods: Python Edition

In this course, participants will learn the fundamentals of the research process—from developing a good question to designing good data collection strategies to putting results in context.

Principles of Machine Learning: Python Edition

In this data science course, participants will be given clear explanations of machine learning theory combined with practical scenarios and hands-on experience building, validating, and deploying machine learning models. They will learn how to build and derive insights from these models using Python, and Azure Notebooks.


October 18 and 25 November 8 and 15 | 10:00 AM – 12:00 NN



This program is designed for:

  • Professionals with a background in data and software development who are looking to advance their skill set
  • Freelancers looking for theoretical grounding and an opportunity to practice
  • Students who are on the cusp of graduation and looking to enhance their skill set before diving into the workforce
  • Professionals working in other fields looking to transition into a career in data analysis or software development

Tech jobs are in high demand–and often, they extend to fields not traditionally associated with tech, such as data storytelling, market research, and public speaking. Even in fields that are tech-oriented, they often don’t equip students and professionals with the skills needed to present information gathered in the workplace.

Extending Education

Less than a third of professionals in the workforce are equipped for the tech demands of their industries. The landscape of tertiary education has shifted so much in the past few years and has left most employees in dire need of upskilling. Enderun’s Microsoft Modern Technology Program with Virtual Hands-on Lab gives professionals and students alike a chance to choose from the most in-demand industry tracks and upgrade their careers

Integrated Learning

Most professionals looking to upskill aren’t able to take on a full-time course because they’re still currently working whole-day jobs. Enderun’s Microsoft Modern Technology Program with Virtual Hands-on Lab allows for a flexible schedule, with only eight hours of face-to-face classes required for each course. This allows for a seamless integration between participants’ current career and their education for the future.

Professional Network

Although there are only eight hours of required face-to-face interaction, those eight hours will allow participants to meet fellow professionals with similar goals: to upgrade their skills and further their careers

Certified Hands-On Experience

Enderun’s Microsoft Modern Technology Program with Virtual Hands-on Lab is practice-driven and allows participants to actively use the theories that they learn in class. The Microsoft Modern Technology Program shows employers that participants can produce concrete output such as data dashboards, functional websites, and new software.


Friday, Nov 15
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
The Study Estancia
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The Study Estancia
The Study Estancia, 2nd Floor, South Wing, Estancia Mall, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City, 1605 Philippines
8856 5000 loc 543 or 0995 138 9727

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