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Virtual Sustainability Workshop for Kids

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Virtual Sustainability Workshop for Kids

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Due to the extended break of schools and the limited activities that can be done indoors at home, parents are finding ways to make their children productive. The Study offers a series of online classes that will help promote structure and substance to a child’s day-to-day activities. In this series, kids will be introduced to activities that integrate the appreciation of the environment and introduce concepts of sustainability. Furthermore, these activities are aligned with the United Nation Organization’s sustainable development goals. This program is being done in partnership with Green Camp, Bali.

Green Camp is an organization that focuses on educational tourism. It is located in Green School, Bali, a company considered to be one of the world’s greenest and most innovative campuses. Green Camp provides experiences that cultivate the understanding and appreciation of nature, community and self through an unforgettable learning adventure inspired by nature. Their programs operate year-round, offering programs for families, children, and school groups, ranging from half-day visits to intensive week-long residential experiences. They design these programs to challenge their participants physically, intellectually, social-emotionally, through a range of hands-on programs with the purpose of stimulating different needs, skills as well as living sustainably.

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1 Home Gardening

Get connected to nature and learn more about plants and making your own easy and simple garden at home. Even if you don’t have a yard or land at your house you can still plant something useful in your windowsill, on your porch or on your balcony!

Enjoy the benefits of having plants nearby for their beauty, producing fresh air and even adding a few ingredients to your lunch or dinner!

July 6, 2020
1:30PM – 2:30PM
Class Materials:
Garden toolkit
1. Shovel (1)
2. Small container (1)
3. Tissue roll/ egg carton/can/plastic bottle (1)
4. Scissor (1)
5. Glue (optional)
Gardening materials
1. Garden soil (300gr)
2. Seedling
3. Water (100ml)
2 Plant Based Cooking

Join us on a journey of learning how to transform the vegetables and spices from your refrigerator or market to a delicious plate of food full of vitamins and natural energy!

During this session you’ll use wholesome ingredients to cook one of Indonesia’s famous local dishes called bihun goreng (fried rice noodles) for your lunch.

Enjoy and don’t forget to say ENAK SEKALI! (Very delicious)

July 8, 2020
1:30PM – 2:30PM
Class Materials:

Kitchen utensils
1. Stove Pan
2. Spatula Cutting board
3. Bowl
4. Knife
5. Spoon
6. Fork
1. Water (1 liter)
2. Rice noodles/ corn noodles (250gr)
3. Bean sprout(optional) (100gr)
4. Carrot (300 gr)
5. Green onions (1 pc)
6. Sesame Seeds ( 1 sp)
7. Coconut oil/olive (100ml)
8. Sesame oil (3 sp)
9. Garlic (3 pcs)
10. Ginger (2cm)
11. Salt (1 sp)
12. Pepper (2 sp)

3 Natural Dyes

Join us and learn about the magic of colors as well as making your own natural colors at home using natural materials. Once you know how to make your own dyes you’ll be able to make your old t-shirts, bags and other upcycled materials bright and colorful again in a sustainable and fun way!

Make sure to bring your creativity and imagination and be ready to make a rainbow of colors in your own home!

July 10, 2020
1:30PM – 2:30PM
Class Materials:

Experiment kit
1. Blender (1)
2. Strainer (1)
3. Transparent cup (9)
Experiment materials
1. Water (2 liters)
2. Turmeric (100gr)
3. Beetroot (100gr)
4. Red Cabbage (100gr)
5. Lemon juice/ vinegar (300 ml)
6. Baking soda (250gr)

How do virtual learning workshops work?
The teacher and students meet once in a video chat session via Zoom. In this one-time class, learners can gauge if they want to commit to a longer course that The Study and Green Camp can also offer to them.

How can parents enroll?
Through our Enderun Extension website, parents can register their kids to our virtual sustainability workshop. In the description area, a Google Form will be provided to let parents choose the classes they prefer.

Terms and conditions
1. This series can only accommodate 15 slots. We are on a first come, first serve basis.
2. One pass per participant can be used by one household.
3. A class registration link will be sent upon payment. A slot is only confirmed once class registration has been made.
4. The required materials for each class can be easily found in the household. The Study by Enderun will not provide any materials except worksheets for some classes.
5. As for unavoidable absences, please note that there are no make-up classes if a session is missed.
6. An electronic certificate will be provided by The Study.
7. The pass can be transferable or given as a gift.


Monday, Jul 06
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