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Enderun Extension believes that learning should be a life-long pursuit. It offers a great variety of courses designed for anyone who may want to advance in a specific field, pursue a new field, or simply explore the world through education.

Short courses and certificate programs vary in class duration, skill level and student composition. Because most of the classes are only a few weeks at a time, enrollment is all-year-round, offering students flexibility and convenience.

In a world that is constantly changing, and so we are constantly learning, Enderun Extension makes learning both enjoyable and rewarding. Find the course for you today!

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Student Success Stories

Success Stories

"I can only write positive things about studying at Enderun Colleges. I have been taught many new things like how to properly speak and write in English and also about the Philippines. I met a lot of wonderful people. The school has a great program that adapts to you so you can travel or work. Special thanks goes to all my teachers Diana, Ethel and Jenn, I have had so much fun with them. I would like to also thank the management of Paula, Marlon and CJ."

Tereza Jiroušková

English for Specific Purposes (240 Hours)
"Great schools cannot exist without great teachers and that is what I like about Enderun. Not only are the teachers so patient, but they also don't miss out on making it fun while learning. The school provides the highest standard of teaching in a positive and motivating environment."
**Chloe passed the HSK - 1 Exam with a score of 84 last January 2020.

Chloe Magdael

Foreign Language Training (Mandarin)
"I was working in Eiffel Tower, Jules Verne Restaurant by Alain Ducasse. I’m really happy that I went to study Culinary here. They push us to work hard and to do good work. Enderun gave me second life. Every moment when I studied here, I was happy."

Diane Lee

Diploma in Culinary Arts
"What I didn’t expect was for me to be exposed in so many different cultures. It’s the best environment for learning. Everyday we learn something new. The chefs are different from one another. They're so unique. They are world class talents. The knowledge they impart and the wisdom they share with us it's really not something you can find in the recipe. École Ducasse taught me to balance the science of what goes into the dish as well as your passion - cooking from the heart."

Elise Lim

Diploma in Culinary Arts

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